Design & Illustration for people.

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Eva Davidova

Originally I come from Prague, I lived in Vienna, briefly in Alaska, in the mountains of Czech Republic and now I have lived, worked and studied in London for four and half years.

Because of moving a lot, changing environments, learning new languages and reading books in different languages since I was small, it became natural for me to compare and observe, the way people think, work and interact in different cultures.

I learned that illustration carries out a slightly different role in every country and in different parts of the world. The demand on its function is closely related to the way of thinking, to the sense of humour and the use of language. This is an aspect of illustration that I find fascinating.

The way image is read by the viewers is determined by given circumstances and conditions and context. As a creator I have to consider this as very important so the image works well in certain environment. Although I believe there has to exist something like an universal visual language that communicates across different cultures and countries and can be read by anyone.

This is something I am focusing on at the moment. I would like to find visual elements of universal language and incorporate them in my work as my work has no specific audience and my aim is to speak to anyone who chooses to look at my image. 





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